Behind the Scenes

Berry Crew

Picking up to 7 flats a day, the Lattin Farms Berry Crew knows that the best berries slide right off the stem.

Get to know the Berry Crew

Favorite thing about working at the farm:

Raspberries, cinnamon rolls, seeing friends

Least favorite thing about working at the farm:

Getting up early, big moths

Favorite season:


Favorite produce:

Raspberries, watermelon

What you like to do outside of work:

Read, write, eat cinnamon rolls, be outside

Country Kitchen Staff

These people are the reason we have so many delicious homemade items, including cookies, cinnamon rolls, bread, and jams.

Get to know the Country Kitchen Staff

Favorite thing about working at the farm:

The smell in the bakery, the food, free cantaloupe, everything

Favorite thing to make:


Hardest thing to make:

Cinnamon rolls and lemon bread

Favorite produce:

Salsa tomatoes, raspberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, zucchini

What you like to do outside of work:

Sleep, go to Lake Tahoe, try to find time for myself after housework

Office Staff

In charge of managing the website, social media, and paperwork, the Lattin Farms Office Staff works with Rick and B. Ann in an effort to help things run smoothly. ​

Get to know the Office Staff

Favorite thing about working at the farm:

Helping and getting to know the community, fresh food

Hardest thing:

Resisting fresh baked goods, difficult customers

Favorite Season:

Fall, summer

Favorite food:

Lemon cucumbers, cantaloupe bread, zucchini

What you like to do outside of work:

Travel, spend time outside, take pictures

Produce Stand Crew

As the people you see in our Growers' Market, the Produce Stand Crew is here to help you.

Get to know the Produce Stand Crew

Favorite thing about working at the farm:

Nice customers, happy + funny customers, helping the community, the flowers, nostalgia, friendly coworkers

Hardest thing about working at the produce stand:

Finding buckets, rude customers, sorting sungold tomatoes, running the register alone

Favorite season:

Spring and fall- not winter!

Favorite foods:

Yellow doll, lemon cucumbers, Sarah’s Choice, raspberries, bread, chocolate chip cookies, raspberry cinnamon rolls

What you like to do outside of work:

Eat food, make videos, play minecraft, take pictures, spend time with family, play sports, dream about swimming in cranberries

Field Crew

The true backbone of Lattin Farms, our Field Crew works hard during every season and has intricate knowledge of all the produce we grow.​

Get to know the Field Crew

How long you have worked at Lattin Farms:

1 year - 28 years

Favorite thing about working on the farm:

Being in the field, the melons, the people, everything

Favorite thing to pick:

Melons, heirloom tomatoes

Hardest thing to pick:

Eggplant because of allergies, cherry tomatoes, melons

Favorite produce:

Cantaloupe and watermelon, heirloom tomatoes

Favorite season:

Summer and fall (picking season). Not winter

What you like to do outside of work:

Sleep, rest, sew

Photo Gallery

So much more work goes into running Lattin Farms than we can describe on this page. We work with  local businesses, nearby farmers, and various other community members to get seeds planted, watered, weeded, picked, priced, and taken to you. 

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