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Farm Fresh

We grow a variety of produce here at Lattin Farms, in both fields and hoop houses. In addition to selling our produce, we assist other local  farmers in selling their produce. We make sure that you receive great produce at a reasonable price.


You can get the produce in our produce stand, from the farm share, and at local farmers' markets.  We also allow you to pick your own produce when it is available.

Lattin Farms Seasonal Harvest.png

Hoop Houses

If you visit Lattin Farms, you have probably seen our hoop houses.  They provide heat and protection that can extend the growing season of our produce.  Many of the pick-your-own produce can be found in our hoop houses.  If you are in the area, feel free to come check them out.

Lattin Farms Hoop House
Lattin Farms Hoop House 6.jpg
Lattin Farms Hoop House

Farm Share

In 2017, the Fallon Food Hub Co-operative took over the administration of the Great Basin Basket Farm Share. Originally created through a collaboration of Churchill County farmers, the Great Basin Basket Farm Share has been distributing produce in west central Nevada for over two decades.

Food Hub Farm Share.JPG.jpg
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