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Giant Pumpkin Growing Contest

Giant Atlantic Pumpkin.jpg

It's back for the 2023 season! Below is everything you need to get started.


All participants will need to register for the competition to be eligible for prizes. There is a $3 registration fee payable when you pick up your seeds at Lattin Farms. If you're using your own seeds, you can register and pay online by credit or bank card. Anyone wishing to participate but unable to pick up seeds, please call us to make arrangements for shipping.

Contest Rules
  1. You must sign up and register to be in this contest.

  2. Upon registration, you will receive three (3) seeds from Lattin Farms.

  3. Contestants may use their own seeds if desired.

  4. Contestants are responsible for growing and taking care of the seeds and the growth of their pumpkins.

  5. Contestants are responsible for bringing their pumpkin to the weigh-in location at Lattin Farms and removing their pumpkin after the announcement of the winner.

  6. Pumpkins will be disqualified if there are noticeable rotten portions.

  7. Prizes will be awarded to amateur growers only, although commercial growers will be recognized.

CAUTION: Do not use seeds for food, feed, or oil.


Bring your pumpkins to Lattin Farms on Saturday, October 7 between 9 a.m. and noon to be weighed. Winners will be announced the same day.

Prize Categories
Heaviest, Second Heaviest

All pumpkins will be weighed, and the heaviest will receive the grand prize. A second prize will be given to the second heaviest pumpkin.


Most Engaged Grower

Winner for this category will have posted the most about growing their pumpkin using the hashtag #LattinFarmsGiantPumpkin2023.

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