Lattin Farms Safety Plan

General Practices
  • Masks are required for both employees and guests.

  • Frequently-touched places are sanitized daily.

  • Social distancing is practiced where possible.

  • Employees wash hands and use sanitizer between customers and before working with produce.

  • Hand sanitizer is provided for guests.

  • Previous cleaning practices are continued with more frequency.

  • Customer-reserved events are limited to 50 people.

Fall Festival​​​​ and Events​
  • Craft fair vendors and organizers are required to wear masks.

  • Hayrides are socially distanced.

  • Hand sanitizer is provided for guests.

  • Corn maze has "bubbles" where guests can pass groups while social distancing.

  • Guests are encouraged to stay six feet away from other groups.

  • Online reservations are available for corn maze and hayride. Register here

  • Cow Train is sanitized between rides.