Roarin' 20s Trivia

As you go through the corn maze, look for posters with the answers to these questions. 

1. What was the most popular type of music in the 1920s in the USA?

2. What is a flapper?

3. What was the 19th Amendment?

4. How did WWI affect the 1920s?

5. What was the Fallon Theatre originally called?

6. What was Churchill County famous for in the 1920s?

7. What was the first documented discovery of Hidden Caves?

8. Which Fallon sports teams from the 1920s were inducted into the Hall of Fame this year?

9. Which Lattin family member, born in 1920, worked with Harley Davidson?

10. What children's book, released in 1926, inspired movie adaptations as recently as 2018?