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 Lattin Farm Corn Mazes Over the Years

The Original Nevada Corn Maze

It all started in 1998.  We wanted to make our farm more family friendly.  We contacted a corn maze designer, and the rest is history.  It began with Cecil, the Hawthorne Dragon and Tahoe Tessie in a maze shaped as Nevada.  We have grown corn mazes every year since.  

Check out our 18 years of mazes below!

Family Fun Maze 2015

Sesquicentennial Maze 2014

 Corn Maze Nevada 150

Know Your Farmer 2010

Corn Maze Farmer

Fallon 100 year Maze 2008

corn maze Fallon 100

Dinosaur Maze 2006

Corn Maze Dinosaur 2006

Farmer Maze 2005

Corn Maze Farm

Ichthyosaur Maze 2003

Corn Maze Ichthyosaurus
Corn Maze Ichthyosaur Nevada

Pony Express Maze 2001

Corn Maze Pony Express 2001 Nevada

Treasure Chest Maze 1999

Corn Maze Nevada Pirate
Corn Maze Treasure Chest

Stargazer Maze 2013

Corn Maze Nevada Stargazer

Photo Taken From Google Earth

Got Milk Maze 2012

Corn maze Nevada Milk

Tractors and Truffles Maze 2011

Corn Maze Nevada Tractor Truffles

Lattin 100 years Maze 2009

Map Design

Corn Maze Nevada Lattin 100 Years

Actual Maze

Magical Wizard and Wand 2007

Corn Maze Nevada Magical Wizard
Magical Corn Maze

Outer Space Maze 2004

Corn Maze Nevada Space

Jungle Maze 2002

Corn Maze Nevada Jungle

Castle Maze 2000

corn maze Nevada castle

Cecil & Tahoe Tessie 1998 (the original Nevada maze)

 Corn Maze Cecil and Tahoe Tessie
Corn Maze Cecil and Tahoe Tessie